Printable Halloween Games

Printable Halloween Games


Halloween games are activities providing entertainment or amusement during the Halloween celebration. They may be online or offline. Due to the Internet revolution, more and more people are playing online halloween games.



The major objective of the games is to provide fun for the whole family that is celebrating. Thus there are games for the kids and games for the parents. The kid’s games are usually educational as much as it is fun. For the adults, it is mostly entertainment.


The internet now makes it possible for people that are celebrating Halloween to play online games even when they are thousands of miles apart. It is wonderful and that adds to the fun of the Halloween.

Common Halloween games are usually about haunted houses, skulls, ghosts, vampires, and monsters. There are many designs available. Some online games are free while others are available at reasonable prices. Check out some Halloween Craft Ideas Here.

Some games involve the use of cards to do divination or fortune telling. The people that play the games usually “read the future” of the other person from the cards. From there, they can say whether they will have good or bad luck, ill-health or good health, etc.


According to ancient Halloween traditions, the spirits of the dead roam abroad during the Halloween and so the atmosphere is charged with supernatural powers. Hence the information about the future can be obtained from the spirits around.

Young people that want to get married also go for divination at this time about whether the union is sanctioned by the gods.

As people eat and drink at Halloween celebrations, the games add more fun to the party atmosphere. Thus it may not be a grand Halloween if there are no Halloween games.

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