Luke Skywalker’s cape Costume

Luke Skywalker’s cape Costumes


look like L Jedi. Live like a Jedi.

* Based on Luke Skywalker’s cape in Star Wars: The Jedi.
* It’s as close to the original as you can get!

Look like a Jedi. Live like a Jedi. This streamlined version of the Jedi cape is about as close to the original as you can get. It’s grounded in designs in the Lucasfilm archives.

Similar to the one worn by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars:

Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and heavily influenced by the cloaks donned by the Jedi of the Old Republic, the cape’s Velcro clasp is copied exactly from the one displayed by Mark Hamill in the film. You’ll definitely look like a Jedi when you wear this. Now comes the hard part! One size fits most.

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