Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations


If you want to have a grand Halloween Decorations, here are some guidelines. There is a large variety of spooky items you need to buy or build to decorate the front door, the ceiling, the walls, the floor, the glasses and the windows.


The front door needs to have something special because the people that will be celebrating must pass through that area. You can hang up a life-size skeleton or plastic animals like snakes and rodents. Some people even put up a “smoke bomb” that gives off intermittent thick white smoke on their front door.

The walls can have many pictures about the dripping blood or a grinning ghost. Lots of spooky paintings are also available on most shops that sell Halloween decorations. There are also pictures of graveyards and coffins for the walls.


Your floor can be decorated with removable stickers that also have Halloween pictures. Some of the floor decorations work best on tiles and laminate floors. Very good Halloween pictures on the floor works wonders because the visitors will think there is a graveyard on your sitting room.

There are special Halloween decorations for glasses and windows. With most of the stickers, the glass will be scary. Most of the glass decorations are removable and will not stain the glass. You can use glass grabbers with pictures of ghosts, bones, and vampires.

The interior and the exterior open spaces should not be left out in the decorations for the Halloween. Lots of scary items (like skulls, body parts, etc) can be left hanging and may have lights to illuminate them in the night to add to the wonders of the spooky event.

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