Halloween Costumes Introduction

Halloween Costumes


Halloween costumes are the outfits or the disguise worn during the celebration of Halloween which is on the 31st of October every year, when according to ancient traditions the spirit of the dead rise from their graves. The major style of dress for the occasion can be viewed in three ways: garments, accessories, and hairstyles.


While some people buy their costumes off-the-shelf for the Halloween celebration, others design and build their own. There are lots of shops (even on the internet) that sell Halloween costumes. Design ideas are also available for those who want to do their own designs.


harley quinn Halloween Costumes

The Halloween garments can be as simple as a second-hand white sheet with two cut-out holes (for the eye) and a rope at the waist (as the belt) or it may have attached colored make-ups. Lots of other items of clothing can be sewn and worn provided they appear as weird as the designer wants.

Common accessories used as the costume for Halloween include haunted witch hair (wigs), flashing novelty teeth (for vampires), face paints, devil horns, wizard headgear, and weird tights and stockings.

The Halloween hairstyle is also designed to make the person look like a ghost or witch. There may be bald head with abnormal hair on some portions of the head, or there may be thick foliage of hair-like material covering the head and shoulders.

There are different costumes for kids which may not be as “ugly” as that of the parents. The costumes made for the kids sometimes look good like the Santa Claus.

The most important feature of the Halloween costume is that it must look scary.

Example 2017 Haley Quinn Suicide Squad Costumes


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