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Thor – Norse God of Thunder

As a child I always loved comics……you could call me a comic tragedy. I was delighted when my favorite childhood characters were brought to life in the Avengers movie.

This opened up a whole bag of possibilities to role playing for parents and kids alike.

Like most parents, I was always searching for childrens halloween costumes that were different and not too expensive. With so much variety available now, I tried to stick to the fun Halloween costumes without scaring off the smaller children.

So if your still looking for a safe option to take now that Halloween is fast approaching,who else should we look to for an interesting variety of Halloween costumes, none other than the Avengers! Each character brings a unique set of qualities and strengths and I will begin with a little background for Thor, Norse God of Thunder!

Thor is just one of the Avengers that will please the whole family as the range of options include toddler Halloween costumes to adult Halloween costumes. Not forgetting that you can also pick up a few Halloween costume accessories, just to complete the outfit at a reasonable cost.

Product Description

The Muscle Chest Child Thor Costume will send a thunderous surge of lightening that will drive Halloween night! Feed off of your child’s imagination with a superhero Avengers costume that features Thor’s jumpsuit with a muscle torso and arms, and a detachable cape.

The elemental powers will run through your kid’s veins and push The Avengers to their breaking point. Save the day and have fun on Halloween with an awesome Avengers movie costume! Thor’s hammer is not included.

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