20 Scary Halloween Masks for 2017

20 Scary Halloween Masks for 2017


Wearing scary masks at Halloween is both exciting and fun. Nowadays, as far as fancy dress costumes are concerned, almost anything goes at Halloween parties. But nothing captures the spirit of Halloween better than adopting the theme of ghosts, witches, werewolves and characters from horror movies for your outfit.

The great thing about scary Halloween masks is that they let you honor the traditional roots of the centuries old Celtic festival. In those days they believed that the spirits of the dead moved easily between this world and the otherworld at Halloween. Masks and costumes were worn by the living to disguise the wearers for protection from the harmful spirits.

In my opinion, at Halloween, it is the scary masks that can either make or break your fancy dress costume. Firstly, it adds an air of mystery about you and people can forget that it is you hiding behind the mask. On a practical level, you don’t have to spend hours of preparation, applying face makeup. This is hard to get right and then it takes you ages to take off again!

Another advantage to choosing a scary mask, is that it is an investment because you can use it again next year, if you want to. You can then vary your costume and accessories to freshen up your look.

This year, as always, there is a huge choice of Halloween masks available to choose from. There’s the old favorites of werewolves, creepy clowns, zombie masks and ghost masks, to name but a few.

Then there are the scary horror masks that are inspired by the movies. You can’t go wrong with a Michael Myers mask, or that weird Donnie Darko mask, or perhaps you would prefer a little something from that master of the horror genre, Clive Barker. Pinhead is one of my favorites and I really like the new colorful Tattu monster mask.

Whatever your taste in scary masks, there’s bound to be a great one for you, and I intend to show you everything you need to know about them – so stay tuned and you are going to be head and shoulders above everyone else this Halloween!


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